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Welcome to the 2012 Moonridge Annual Online Auction Event! This year, based on a poll (results found here) asking what type of event we should run for 2012, the fans decided not to have the "Biddable" (where items go to the individual who bids the highest amount) portion of the Auction.

As a result, here's what we'll be offering :

*The Special Auction

*The Claim Auction

*The Animal Adoptions


The Animal Auction is vitally important this year as there's no Sentinel Day at the zoo again. Without that event, they're losing a large portion of the yearly adoption donations - so let's prove that, with or without the event, we know how to take care of the animals even if we're able to see only a photo!

I'd also like to set a particular rumor to rest once and for all: Garett is still very much attached to the Zoo and is committed to attending the grand opening so yes, the auction is still held in his name, thus honoring both his support of Moonridge and our gratitude for the years of enjoyment he's given us as Blair Sandburg in The Sentinel as well as the years of friendship and sharing of himself at the annual Sentinel Day charity event in Big Bear.



(The following information refers to 2012 ONLY)

When Does the Auction Begin?

Saturday, June 16th, 2012 at 0800am, PST

 When Does the Auction End?

*Saturday, June 30th, 2012, at 12:01am, PST

(*I'm very loose with ending time if there are items 'unsold'. However, no matter what, all paypals/checks/money orders are still due no later than July 10th, 2012)


Simple: Get yourself a friend to be your "Proxy Emailer"! That's right, a proxy. Just let your friend know what item/s you want (hope they don't want them too *G*) and have them send in your email. Just make sure they note in the body of the email that they're a proxy and are emailing on YOUR behalf. Your email addy needs to be included either in the body, or as a CC:. And never assume that just because it's now 3:00pm, all the items are gone. Send in the Email yourself or by proxy at any time from 2:00PM on - you never know, you may be the only one interested in the item!


When Can I Begin to Send My Blurb Detailing My Donated Items?


(and right up to the day before the auction ends! But remember: the sooner you send your 'blurbs' to me, the more time you provide fans to view them and planning their expenditures before the auction begins!)

What Can I Donate to the Special Auction, the First Come, First Won Auction, and/or the Claim Auction?

For the SPECIAL AUCTION, here are a few examples of past donations:

Stories from any fandom, any genre, any rating (if previously posted, even in a limited venue, state that info in the blurb - and again, samples of blurbs can be found in here), artwork, banners, multiple specialty items, etc.. Just remember: for the Special Items category, you decide how to offer your donations and how much to require as a donation.


  • Authors/Fiction:may offer their fics (from any fandom), and can offer them two different ways: a) Stories can be offered to everyone who donates the amount set by the author, ie: "…is donating a TS / story to everyone who donates $25 for it to Moonridge…" or, b) Stories can be offered to a specific number of fans for, again, an amount decided by the author, ie: "…is donating 10 icons to the first 10 people who donate $25 for them to Moonridge…"
  • Zines: can be donated under the heading of "First Come, First Won" items. Example: "…is offering to the first person to donate $40 for it to Moonridge, the zine, "All's Fair in War and Sandburg", a / novel set after Sentoo-part 2 and written by…"
  • Art:(any type from any fandom). Fans may donate art they've collected or created. It might be a pledge to create artwork for an author's fiction (cover art, interior art, etc), or banners/headers for websites, journals, etc. or a collection of icons created to order. As with the fiction donations, art can be offered to either 'everyone' who donates the amount you specify; or to a specific number of fans who donate the amount you set, or, if only one piece of artwork is available or being offered, it would be donated as a "First Come, First Won" item
  • Arts & Crafts: Such as jewelry (fandom-themed is always popular), fandom-themed check covers/credit card holders, quilts, knitted items, fandom, hand-made dolls, needlepoint, carved items, etc. Basically, just about anything you can think of or create
  • Song Vids: CD's of existing song vids can be donated or you can offer to create a song vid/s to order, for any fandom
  •  PodFics: These have become a very popular item to donate, either a podfic that already exists of fandom stories, or the offer to create one to order

As you can see, when it comes to the Special Auction and finding items to donate, there's no limit other than your imagination. Every fandom has iconic items associated with it (like wolves and jaguars for TS) and many fans have collected such items over the years and find the auction a great way to contribute by donating some of their collectibles. And of course, fandom fiction is always number one - and authors need not worry about time limits. Readers are patient and understand the difficulty of writing and that our muses aren't always cooperative!

For the CLAIM AUCTION, you're offering to donate $ to Moonridge for a 'wish' that you hope if someone will claim. Examples of past Claim Requests

  • You can ask for a specific type of story to be written - you can even specify the author!
  • You can ask for icons, banners, or even for an artist to do cover story art for one of your fictions. You can ask for someone to design a new journal for you, or create a website. Again, your only limit to what can be requested is your imagination. Just remember: You're promising to donate a specific dollar amount for someone to claim your 'wish', so the promised donation should be in line with the request.


-   "will donate $20 to Moonridge for an Hawaii 5-0, Steve/Danny, H/C story of at least 20 pages. Am willing to donate for up to five such stories for a maximum donation of  $100…"

-  "will donate $10 to Moonridge for 10 icons in the White Collar fandom. Am willing to donate for up to five (5) artists and/or fifty (50) icons for a total donation to Moonridge of $50…"

         -    "…will donate $25 to Moonridge for any artist willing to provide cover art for any of my stories. I'll provide the photos and my stories are in the following fandoms: The Sentinel, Star Trek (the re-do movie), Sherlock (the new BBC series or the new movie series), and Hawaii 5-0. Am willing to donate for up to four (4) pieces of cover art on 4 different stories for a total donation to Moonridge for $100…"

How Do I Donate Items?

In order to donate an item as defined above, it's required that you compose something called a "blurb" (samples can be found here). Once composed using the samples as your guide, you simply email them to me at:  When composing your blurb, please use the name and email addy you don't mind seeing on the website and journal. In addition, provide any applicable fiction URLS and send any photos that illustrate the item you're donating. To protect your sample artwork that might be posted on our website, we urge you to use a watermark and if you're not sure how to do that, let me know when you send the photo with your blurb and I'll happily create the watermark for you.


If you're going to donate more than one item at the same time, please place all your blurbs into the same email in order to make it easier for me and to ensure one of your emails isn't lost. Later, if you decide to donate more, no problem, just send emails as you come up with additional items.

Again, here's the email: 


Can I Ask for Stories?

Yes, as discussed above, these are called "Claim Auctions" - where you request something (like a certain type of story, or art, etc.) and in return for someone 'claiming' your request, you promise to donate a specific amount of money to Moonridge. You can even ask for more than one author to claim your request. Example: "…will donate $25 to Moonridge for an Hawaii 5-0 / story (Steve/Danny) with Danny experiencing the h/c. I'm willing to donate for up to four (4) such stories for a total donation of $100…".

In the Special Auction, if I Have Only One Item to Donate,

How Would That Work?

I've created a new category for just such an event and it's called, "First One, First Won" items; meaning that once the auction begins, the first person to send me an email requesting a "First One, First Won" item - wins it (naturally, payment seals the deal). Because we want to give everyone an equal opportunity to be the first, this part of the auction will have its own special start time! The "First One, First Won" items will begin at 2:00PM PST, which should make it possible for everyone to be up and available to send their email. To find out what time 2:00PM PST is in your time zone, go to the World Clock Convertor. Examples of "First One, First Won" blurbs would look like this:

"…From Mrs. Ewing ( She's offering to the first person to donate $75 for it to Moonridge, a novel-length Sentinel / story (J/B). This story has never been posted, has a happy ending, h/c, and the winner will have sole ownership of the story. To view samples of Mrs. Ewing's other works, go to (insert URL). This story also comes with cover art/interior art by Crystal Carrington (samples of artwork at right)."

"…From T. Soprano ( She's offering to the first person who donates $75 for it to Moonridge, a beautiful wolf sculpture done by the famous Southwest artist, Luc Laurent (and is worth over $150). Winner pays shipping."

NOTE: Obviously, until I receive the Paypal receipt copy or check/money order according to procedures set out later in the FAQ, the "First One" isn't the winner. If the winner fails to pay, the item will go to the second email, etc.

If I donate Unfinished Story/ies-Ficlets-Drabbles,

How Long Do I Have to Finish for the Winner/s?

Everyone is aware of how difficult it is to write 'on demand', what with fickle muses and unpredictable RL. Therefore, it's our policy that authors have a minimum of 90 days after the end of the auction to get the story to the winner/s. Readers know it can take upwards of a year to finish a good story.

How Long Must an Author or Artist Wait

Before Posting to the Public After the Auction?

The winners have sole use of the story/s or artwork for thirty (30) days after the auction before the item may be posted publically. Only via permission from the winner may a story/art be posted earlier than the 30 days.

How Will I Know When To "Give" the Winning Item/s to the Winner/s?

I will notify both winner and donator via a single email (the email will be TO: the person who donated and the winner/s will be in the CC: section) called the "Connection Notice" and this will only occur after I've received proof of payment. Until then, neither winner nor donator should contact each other. Once the connect notice has been received, it's up to the person who donated the item/s to begin the conversation with their winner/s by simply hitting "Reply All".

For Special/First One, First Won Items:  If going to a specific number of winners or to 'everyone' who donated the specified amount, I will send one (1) email when the bulk of people have paid. In the body of the email will be the list of winners and their email address. After the payment due date, a final email will be sent with the remaining names and email addresses of those who paid. Once the person who donated the item receives the Connect Notice/s, it is their responsibility to contact everyone with information on how they will receive their item/s. If it's a First One, First Won Item, the Connect Notice will be TO: the individual who donated the item and in the CC: will be the Winner. Once received, it's again up to the individual who donated to start the conversation with their winner.

NOTE: It can take me quite awhile to get out all the Connection Notices once the auction ends and payment receipt copies start flying into my in-box, so please, be patient. However:  if you've not received a connect notice from me by one week after the payment due-date has passed - email me immediately (after checking your Spam folder).

For Claim Items, I will send an email to the person who made the request once listing how much they owe based on the number of people who claimed their request. After receiving their proof of payment, a second email will go to them and everyone who claimed them and, at that point, it's the job of the 'requestor' to get the ball rolling. If you're someone who did the claiming, do NOT begin to work on the request - or contact the requestor until you receive that Connect Notice email.

Special Note: If, in a connect notice, there are several names in the "TO" or "CC", and one or more of the addys has only the person's name and no email addy, simply right click on the name, highlight "properties" and their email address will appear.

For Those Who Donated for Adopting an Animal: When I receive your proof of payment, I continually update Moonridge with a list (so they can compare the Paypals they've received). It's CRITICAL that you include, somewhere in your Paypal, or your email to me, your snailmail address. Without that, Moonridge can't send you a photo of the animal/s you adopted nor the "Official Adoption Certificate".



How Do I Pay?

You have three methods to pay:

1.      PAYPAL:  When using Paypal, you will be sending your donation directly to Moonridge and not to me. When sending your money, use this address: - In addition, use the "Purchase" tab at Paypal, and then choose "Other". In the comment section, you need to identify the purpose - so you need to type in: "For the Online Moonridge Charity Auction in Garett Maggart's name" - then include the item # (which would be something like: GMSF#12). Make sure you include the word "Charity" - which could save Moonridge some Paypal fees! Paypal will then send you a receipt/copy of your payment and it's that copy you must email to me, thus confirming you've paid for your auction item.

2.      CHECK:  When using a check, do NOT send to Moonridge directly. It's NOT their job to track OUR auction. All checks must come to me - but DO NOT make them out to me. Make sure all checks are made out to: "Friends of the Moonridge Zoo" and in the note line, write: "For the Online Moonridge Charity Auction in Garett Maggart's name" and if there's room, the Item #. If no room, please include a note with your check that outlines all the item #'s/animals that it represents. At the conclusion of the auction and payment deadline, ALL checks this year will be HAND-DELIVERED to Moonridge. In the past, when there was no event at the zoo, I'd mail the checks and Moonridge, while receiving the majority, did have some envelopes go astray and fans ended up with un-cashed checks. We'll make sure that doesn't happen this year.

3.       MONEY ORDER:  When using a money order, again, do NOT send to Moonridge directly for the same reason as stated above for checks. And again, make the money order for: "Friends of the Moonridge Zoo" and again, in the note line, write: "For the Online Moonridge Charity Auction in Garett Maggart's name" . There probably won't be room for the item #'s or animal names, so you absolutely MUST include a note with the money order that outlines all the item #'s/animals it represents. Money orders will be added to the envelope with the checks and, again, HAND-DELIVERED to Moonridge.

REMINDER: It is NOT the zoo's responsibility to track OUR auction. This is FAN RUN.


Send proof of payment to:

Allison French

30751 El Corazon #225

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


Special Note: Because many fans create new handles/emails for the auction and drop them when it's over, please when sending me Paypal copies, checks or money orders, that you include your real name/handle and email. And remember: I only need ONE paypal/check/money order for all items you won, including any animals you adopted. This will save both you, Moonridge and me, a lot of time and trouble.

What Constitutes "Proof of Payment"?

This can't be written enough - when you pay via Paypal, they'll send you confirmation and it's that email you need to forward to me as proof. And again, don't forget to include your snail mail if adopting animals.

When you pay via check/money order, proof is in the fact that while they addressed to "Friends of the Moonridge Zoo", you still send them to me, which again, constitutes your proof of payment.

As I receive all the Paypal emails, the checks/money orders, I log them into a spread sheet by each item/animal and mark as "PAID". And one more time, all checks/money orders will be hand-delivered to Moonridge so nothing can go astray. Make sure you check with me within a week of mailing your check/money order to ensure I've received it. In the past, I've had post office issues and delayed receipt of mail, but those issues no longer exist and I am now able to check my mail box at least every other day.



If you've sent your Paypal copy/check/money order, but have not received a Connect Notice or an email confirming receipt, email me ASAP. Things get busy at the close of the auction!


How Long Do I Have to Pay?

The deadline for payment - as in the ABSOLUTE deadline:

JULY 10th, 2012

(If you have any problems that would delay your payment, simply email me)

How Can a Prospective Bidder View Artwork/Crafts etc?

Most craft/artwork/memorabilia will have photos and these are added to the blurbs for your viewing at both our official website (created and maintained by the wonderful Virginia Sky) as well as the gmfor_moonridgejournal site. If we receive any donations considered 'adult art', these will be housed on a 'not for public' page set up by Virginia Sky. You'll need to email me for the URL. Remember, the auction is a well-known and well-appreciated event by the folks at Moonridge so our website and journal are public - thus the need for a non-public page for adult art.

How Do I Adopt An Animal?

Photos and descriptions of all the animals up for adoption this year are posted at the gmfor_moonridge journal site and very soon, our Official Website will go live and they'll be posted there. Once you've decided which animal/s to adopt, email me with their name/s and then follow the same payment methods as outlined earlier in the FAQ. As people adopt and I receive their proof of payment, the names of the adoptive 'fans' will be posted at the website by each animal. And do I have to say again to include your snail mail addy so Moonridge can send you photos and certificates? I didn't think so.


 1.Item Identification Number:

Every item donated will be given an Identification # for record keeping. The ID # is made up of the following: Every item will start with Garett's initials: GM. Following his initials will be the type of auction item:

S= Special Auction/First One, First Won items (Yes, the "S" is being used for both Special items and First One-First Come items, but these two categories will be separated on both the website and the Journal site)

C= Claim Auction Item

Following that, will be the category within each type:

SF= / fiction (the "/" will be used throughout the auction instead of the word 'slash')

F= Gen fiction

A= Art

AA= Adult Art (nudity, semi-nudity, etc.)

SV= Song Videos

Z= Zines

M= Miscellaneous (which includes Memorabilia, PodFics, Arts & Crafts, and other unique items)

And finally, the last part of the ID# will be an actual number which represents the order in which I received donations within each of the primary categories, ie: Special Auction, First One-First Won, or Claim Auction.

SAMPLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS:  Let's say the first donation I receive is a Special Auction item and it's a slash story. In that case, the ID# I'd assign would be: GMSSF#1 (GM for Garett, S for Special Auction, SF for slash fiction and #1 because it was the first Special Auction item in that category). Now let's say the second donated item is a signed photo of a popular actor from a fandom but for the First One-First Won category - then the ID# would be: GMSM#1 (GM for Garett, S for Special Auction, M for Miscellaneous - in this case 'memorabilia' - and it receives a #1 because even though it's in the Special Auction, it's the first item received for the "First One, First Won" category). So how would a completed blurb (your blurb combined with my ID#) look like at the website or journal?

Example #1: the first donated slash fiction story for the Special Auction:

GMSSF#1: From Jane Doe ( She's offering to everyone who donates $45 for them to Moonridge; five (5) "The Sentinel" / stories that have appeared in zines but never published on the web. Each story is at least 25 pages in length, but no more than 100 pages. They range in subject matter from humor, to action, to pure romance - all with happy endings. Once she receives proof of your donation from aly, the stories will be sent to each winner. For samples of her other stories, go here (insert URL).

Example #2: is another Special Auction donation, but this one is gen and the second donation I received in the Special Auction category:

GMSGF#2: From Jane Dear ( She's offering to everyone who donates $30 for it to Moonridge, a gen White Collar story, 125 pages long with h/c (Neal). For samples of her other stories, go here: (insert URL)

Example #3: the first donation for the First One, First Won category:

GMSM#1: From Jill Doe-eyed ( She's offering to the first person who donates $50 for it to Moonridge, a beautifully hand-carved wolf standing on an outcropping and howling at the moon. Photo at right. This statue stands 2ft high and is about 35' wide and was created by a native American in New Mexico. Winner pays shipping.


Special Auction Item: This is something that goes to either 'everyone' who donates for it, or to a specified number who donate for it. The decision is up to the person donating the item and they also set the price. These items are found ONLY at our website and journal.

Special Auction Item - First One, First Won: This is a one-of-a-kind item in the Special Auction. Items like memorabilia, zines, fandom-themed art (that may be framed, matted and signed), arts & craft items, etc. Again, the person donating sets the price and this item will go to ONE winner, the one who gets the email to me first based on the start time for this category.

Claim Auction Item: This is something you request and want claimed, like a type of story, icons, banners, etc. and you state how much you're willing to donate to Moonridge if anyone claims your request. If someone accepts your claim, I notify you, you pay, then I connect you to the person who is willing to give you what you've requested. These items are only found at our website and journal.

Animal Adoption: This gives you a chance to be a part of the zoo by adopting (helping to care, feed and house your chosen animal/s via a specific monetary donation) one or more of a specific group of animals presented at our website and journal. Each animal costs $25 to adopt and you will receive from Moonridge, both a photo of the animal and an adoption certificate.


If you have any questions not covered in the FAQ, please don't hesitate to email at:

Thank you in advance for your support, donations and generosity. And once again, thank you to the "Moonies", who, this year, will be sending out copies of my updates to lists/blogs/journals that I don't belong to:

Virginia Sky









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